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Simple Tech is a technology consultancy with projects spanning all over Europe. Our technical expertise allow us to work in several fields including, but not restricted to, the implementation of Java software systems; the design and implementation of Omnichannel E-Commerce solutions; and the development of systems using Scala related technologies.

Our values

We believe in code quality

At Simple Tech, we follow four major principles that guide everything we do:

Code quality

Focusing on code quality set a common goal that keeps the team motivated and continuously improving its skills. As positive consequence, code quality reduces project risks since it leads to a more stable, maintainable and extensible product delivered on time.

Team efficiency

Modern projects incorporate people with diverse roles and skills, often from several companies, distributed across different countries. Communication among the team is essential but undefined requirements, overlong meetings or inefficient development environment setup can easily consume precious development time. Focusing on the process by keeping it efficient and agile is necessary to ensure that developers spend most of their time writing code.

Early delivery

Delivering an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as soon as possible is a key idea from the lean startup approach. At Simple Tech, we follow this approach to reduce cost and risk, by validating assumptions early and giving the stakeholders visibility on the product being built.

Customer intimacy

A successful project means much more than just a good technical solution. Working with a client means willingness to understand its problems, transparent communication and side by side work to deliver solutions. We always invest our best efforts in the relationship to build long term loyalty.

Our methodology

Extreme Programming (XP) is our preferred flavor of the Agile methodology, and we apply it rigorously at Simple Tech. We use an iterative, incremental, evolutionary development process based on efficient team communication and quality focus as advocated by XP philosophy. This allow us to increase efficiency and reduce risk while maintaining high responsiveness to changing customer requirements and complying with the best software quality standards.

We believe that some elements and guiding principles are keys to our success:

  • Continuous integration: automation and early feedback;
  • Test-driven development: validation of product increments;
  • Pair programming: code quality, knowledge spread, build a team and not a set of individuals;
  • Code review: avoiding mistakes, learn from others;
  • Routine: predictable planning especially for standups and grooming sessions;
  • Planning: fully plan sprints in advance.

Our history

Simple Tech started in 2007 as a dream of Armindo Cachada and Yayi Wu. After several years working in projects all over the world, it was time to start their own company. Simple Tech started building an exceptional tech team through hiring great people worldwide, with both in-house staff and freelancers.

Our performance on eCommerce business has been recognized and we are proud of our history. We have now the best tech team and we create added value in all our projects, always innovating. We only know that “Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.” (Steve Jobs).

Well, we have faith in our people and we’ll be always close to you. Today and tomorrow.




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Join us and be happy at Simple Tech. We think Simple Tech is a great place to work at! Besides this, we offer some additional benefits:

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